Falsettos at the movies
Posted by: Ann 08:23 am EDT 07/13/17

I really enjoyed the cinecast (or whatever it's called) last night. I believe it was only showing in one theater in my area and it was at least 2/3 full, which is a great deal more than the NT Live presentations I've been to. There's only one showing announced, so that may be part of it. But I wonder how people knew about and what drew them there - there were a good number of young people, teens and even early teens. Biggest applause for I'm Breaking Down, and only some other songs go any.

I saw some new things, through the closeups and because it was only my second viewing of the show. I was surprised there was no intermission, but I only noticed maybe three older men leave during the presentation and they returned.

Tickets were only $15, vs $20 for NT Live - I hope some money was made on this, or at least there is encouragement for others to do similar presentations. This show was perfect for a showing, like She Loves Me, a limited run that was well received. I was a fan of the production when I saw it live, and even more so now.

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