Sf screening was close to sold out in big theater
Posted by: dramedy 10:27 am EDT 07/13/17
In reply to: Falsettos at the movies - Ann 08:23 am EDT 07/13/17

There are more showings this weekend and some two theaters in suburb. I was glad there was no preshow or intermission. I wish ntl would put their preshow at intermission instead of starting the show late. Lots of young people and pre teens which i dont think the show is that appropriate for 10 years old. And lots of clapping afger songs, which ive never understood at movie showings. Actors cant hear you.

Nice production value, but im glad i skipped it on broadway. Its one of the few gay shows that i really dont care for. I think the sung through score takes away some of the emotional impact. Everytime i see it (3rd time over 20 yesrs), i think i might finally like it. Maybe next time in another decade.

I never realized how tall andrew rannells is. He is really a dreamboat.

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