re: "I want" Sondheim songs
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 02:08 pm EDT 07/13/17
In reply to: "I want" Sondheim songs - bitbybit 01:38 pm EDT 07/13/17

I believe part of the definition of a classic "I want" song is that it comes quite early in the show and expresses the desires of the protagonist, or one of the protagonists. So several of the Sondheim songs you mentioned above don't fit the bill in that sense. I would think "Someone is Waiting" in COMPANY is much closer to a classic "I want" song than "Being Alive." But I also think the idea that every show has to have a classic "I want" song for one or more of the main characters is somewhat outmoded, even though of course we still need to know what the characters want.

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