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It looked sold out (maybe a couple open seats) at the theater I saw it in in Los Angeles...where it was playing at at least 3 theaters.

I would have easily paid $25 for it, I almost wish they'd charged that so they could come closer to breaking even, even if LCT doesn't need it it would be nice to prove this kind of this is financially doable for so many future productions. God how I wish!

Also I think the broadcast of this production came off great, maybe better than seeing it live because you can see their faces so closely - a lot of acting choices i think i missed in the theater. The except for me was the very end of the show and the final image... why did they not cut wide to show us the cube with the one missing piece and the piece as the gravestone at one time? That was the most touching part, and why everyone was talking about the ending of this production... but they stayed just on the grave side of the stage, and it killed it for me. People around me were crying, it was effective, but not as effective as I know it could have been/was in the theater. What a weird and bad choice.

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