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I really liked Kim's Convenience Store which started off as a family sitcom but became more serious as it went along. The actors were wonderful including the author Ins Choi. But the play ends this week because several in the cast are filming the successful tv show based on the play.

I also saw the cabaret True North -- a Concert of Canada -- and the music was rousing and well-sung. A few of the performers are in Spoon River which I see next week. I hear the music is very good, according to three of my Toronto pals who are regular theater goers there and in NYC. There are 19 in the cast and they performed today at Bryant Park. The video is most likely on YouTube.

I am also seeing Of Human Bondage which I hear good things about, too.

I plan to see Re(Birth) which involves e e cummings' work. And probably A Brimful of Asha, which features two Indian actors from another Canadian tv show.

Soulpepper has been offering free cabarets, too, after the shows. They did Joni Mitchell songs the other night.

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