BuzzFeed: 15 guys that Disney should actually cast as Aladdin
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Brianna Holt of the BuzzFeed staff didn't seem to have too much trouble compiling candidates to play Aladdin. (See link below.)

Just to show you how far we've come: The principal roles of the original ''Aladdin'' movie (1992), set in the fictional Arabic city of Agrabah, look like they were all played by Caucasians. (With the possible exception of Lea Salonga, who supplied the singing voice for Jasmine.) ... Even 25 years ago, film critic Roger Ebert criticized the movie's use of ethnic stereotypes as a ''distraction,'' as ''most of the Arab characters had exaggerated facial characteristics - hooked noses, glowering brows, thick lips - but Aladdin and the princess look like white American teenagers.''

Disney's stage musical of ''Aladdin'' made its world premiere in Seattle in 2011. It then opened on Broadway in 2014. Disney, which has been a big proponent of diversity, offered a cast that had many actors of color, but few of Middle Eastern descent. Back then, Seth Rudetsky noted that two cast members of his Off-Broadway musical of ''Disaster'' were Arab-American, which he quipped, was ''twice as many as you could find in 'Aladdin.'"

At least, Disney realizes diversity is important in 2017. Maybe all this Internet attention will help Disney discover more Aladdins and Jasmines (for its live-action movie and stage companies). Plus, other terrifically talented ethnic actors to play Jafar, the Sultan, Babkak, Kassim, Omar, etc.

In terms of casting, that would be ''a new fantastic point of view.''
Link BuzzFeed.com: 15 guys Disney should actually cast as Aladdin

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