Bette last night (Thursday)
Posted by: broadwaybacker 09:48 am EDT 07/14/17

I really hope that someone else on the board was there last night to confirm this, or to embellish it. It was the first time I'd seen Bette as Dolly and I was so looking forward to it. Trust me, she did not disappoint. It was just an incredible experience, and I say that as someone who's been a Bette fan since 1971 when she first appeared on The Tonight Show.

So, right in the middle of "Hello Dolly" she went up on a line, didn't miss a beat and filled in by singing something that contained the phrase "go up" or "going up", which of course brought cheers from the adoring audience. And shortly after that, still in the song but at the right time, she turned and did an aside to the audience, saying "you should have seen me last night."

She is such a pro. Anything else I could write about the performance has already been said many times, either by the critics or by others here.

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