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Posted by: lordofspeech 02:27 pm EDT 07/14/17
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Brian Darcy-James had a quality of intense, repressed rage that I wished the original Broadway King George (Groff) had had. It was a color that countered and enriched the lightweight song, underlining the violent subtext in the song.

The casting of the original Jefferson/Lafayette was so fortuitous. Because he was not a European-Anerican but African-American but had the height, elegance, and hauteur of what we think to be the historical Jefferson, it was the perfect backwards-casting event of the play. Inglehart is a game, energetic performer, but, because he's a big, rotund actor, his casting made no "sense" in the way that "Hamilton" attempts to make upside-down sense of casting choices.

The day I saw it, we had an understudy on for the replacement Burr. The replacement sister-in-law was excellent.

Overall, the replacement cast was altogether lighter-skinned than the original company, and so, the bold re-envisioning of the look of the founding fathers did not come off as a pointed statement, as it had originally.

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