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Posted by: MarkBearSF 11:35 am EDT 07/15/17
In reply to: SF v. NY v Lon - DistantDrumming 09:16 pm EDT 07/14/17

We saw it in NY. The tour compares very favorably. The subway scene is differently staged, but equally effective. The theater in SF has limited stage space and I think the box was not quite as deep. (However since we took advice and saw it in NY from the front mezz, but saw it from our usual season tix in rear orchestra in SF, the view of the stage deck was different, which affects the experience.)

The cast (including the US for the final scene) was excellent. Adam Langdon, the actor playing Christopher did a great job, but fell short of the Tony-winning genius of Alex Sharp, whose performance we were fortunate to see on Broadway.

An excellent production that brings the magic to the road. Highly recommended. (Also, SO happy that a play is being toured these days)

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