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Posted by: makeupman 12:38 pm EDT 07/15/17
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I could not agree w/you more. Talking to the audience as your "real self" as opposed to the character is, imho, "talkin' to the choir." The choir sitting w/their drinks or food, cell phones, Ipads, etc. It is not only unprofessional but inexcusable. It ain't "cute." By the way, I saw every performer noted in the below posts. Buddy Hackett was, certainly, the worst offender. Lucille Ball did not adlib once and was 100% perfect at the matinee I saw. Pearl Bailey did "the shoe thing" on Broadway and the audience did NOT eat it up. Phyllis Diller was a surprisingly wonderful Dolly and, essentially, played it straight so the pathos and sensitivity became paramount in her performance. A big surprise. Let's not even discuss Ginger Rogers...but I'm getting off-topic. The only time I can remember when the adlibbing was called for was with Mickey Rooney in SUGAR BABIES. Yes, it was a burlesque and totally acceptable. One of the reasons why it worked so well was because Ann Miller was fully in charge on that stage, did not ad lib once, and was magnificent. The contrast was funny as hell. In truth, I think it's the only time I did not mind an actor breaking character as opposed to the person. Uh uh...not good.

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