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As entertaining as that medley is, some of the songs COULDN'T be nominated because they predated the 1st Oscar for Original Song in 1934.

Classic tunes like ''You Were Meant for Me'' (1929), ''Singing in the Rain'' (1929) and ''Putting on the Ritz'' (1927).

I also wonder if the Academy limited movies to submitting only one song because you don't see multiple entries for decades. (On cursory glance, it appears ''Flashdance'' from 1983 is the first movie that got 2 Best Song nominations: ''Flashdance ... What a Feeling'' and ''Maniac.'')

So while the Academy nominated ''The Way You Look Tonight'' from ''Swing Time'' (which won for 1936), that might've meant Kern and Fields couldn't submit other songs from that film including ''A Fine Romance'' and ''Pick Yourself Up.'' Similarly, the Academy nominated the Gershwins' ''They Can't Take That Away From Me'' from ''Shall We Dance'' (1937), but not ''Let's Call the Whole Thing Off'' and the film's title tune.

There was, however, no excuse for the Academy to pass over the legendary showbiz anthem ''That's Entertainment'' from ''The Band Wagon'' (1953).

Steve and Sammy's medley also reflects the old-fashioned musical tastes of the Academy voters. As far as I know, the Academy never nominated a song from an Elvis Presley movie (like ''Love Me Tender,'' ''Jailhouse Rock'' or ''Can't Help Fallin' in Love''), and the Beatles were never up for Best Song (for, say, ''A Hard Day's Night''), though they won a 1970 Oscar for Song Score (''Let It Be''). They didn't nominate any of the disco hits from ''Saturday Night Fever,'' and it took the James Bond movies, with their iconic themes, about 50 years to finally win Best Song (''Skyfall,'' 2013).

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