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Thanks, MikeM. I forgot about ''Fame's'' 2 Oscar nominees: its title song and ''Out Here on My Own.''

The stage show includes only the Oscar-winning title tune (by Dean Pitchford & Michael Gore), and a new score by Steve Margoshes & Jacques Levy.

I wonder if Pitchford and Gore were approached about doing the stage version, and passed on it.

Anyway, I guess the producers figured that they couldn't do ''Fame the Musical'' without its best-known song.

On the other hand, ''Out Here on My Own'' (by Michael Gore & Lesley Gore) wasn't as pivotal.

As for ''Cabaret'' and Ralph Burns, I mentioned that earlier in this thread.

Ever since 1980, there have been so many changes in eligibility: The last time a movie had 3 Oscar Song nominees was ''Enchanted'' (2007).

The latest rules limit movies to 2 Oscar nominations for Best Song.

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