re: Souvenir Programs?
Posted by: dbg 09:51 am EDT 07/16/17
In reply to: re: Souvenir Programs? - Snowgrace 10:38 pm EDT 07/15/17

I still have the ones from my early theatergoing days when they weren't very expensive, and the one I cherish most is from I Can Get It for You Wholesale, autographed by Barbra Streisand, Elliott Gould and Bambi Lynn.

In London in January, I did buy the program for Dreamgirls, which was eight pounds or a little over ten dollars at the favorable exchange rate. It was well worth it and had beautiful photos of the costumes for many scenes in the production. The souvenir programs for Broadway now are getting up to $25 or more. Touring companies often use the Broadway programs, which are of no interest at all to me.

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