A Doll's House/1984/Indecent
Posted by: NewsGuy 11:32 am EDT 07/16/17

2p - A Doll's House, Part 2. Great show, mostly, in my opinion, thanks to great acting. To me, though, the script was rather predictable. I thought it was good, but definitely not to the extent of others.

5p - 1984. Holy cow, what a show. Still processing this one. Definitely a show that stirs up a mix of emotions at times: "wow, this is good, wow, this is bizarre, holy hell, what is this doing on broadway?, what the hell is going on?" It's one of those shows you definitely can talk about for hours on end with people after you see it. Don't show up and expect the book to be laid out in front of you on stage, because it's not. I'm glad I went and again, so glad the Hudson is back as a Broadway house. What a fantastic house.

8p - Indecent. Okay. Put me in the minority on this one. I've heard nothing but excellent things about this show on this board, social media, and others. I was lost ... the entire time. I can't even begin to tell you anything about the show which may come close to its actual plot. I'm glad others liked it and are having a good time, but not me. I was stuck in the middle of the seating with no escape desperately watching the time go by.

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