What's On at the wild project
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What's on at the wild project

On Now:

March 13
STORIES FROM THE CITY with Dave Doobinin and Tziporah Solaman
Schedule: Wednesday at 7 PM
Tickets: $20

A night of music and fashion inspired by the city that they live and create in, New York.

Singer/songwriter and visual artist Dave Doobinin performs songs from his career that were inspired by the people and places in his home town of NYC. Fashion Icon Tziporah Solaman takes the audience on a chronological journey of one woman’s style evolution over the decades.

March 15 – March 17
Produced by Poetic Theater Productions
Tickets: $18; $15 for students and military veterans

Poetic Theater Productions’ 8th Annual Poetic License festival features performances around the theme Resilience, which is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress, a coherent sense of self that one is able to maintain through these circumstances. How do we cope with this ever-present onslaught and bounce back to create art and the world in which we want to exist?

The festival will include our annual showcases Generation Now!, Poetic Lyricism, Veteran Voices, and Breaking Our Silence, as well as special programming.

Coming Soon:

March 22 – April 20
LIFE SUCKS. by Aaron Posner, directed by Jeff Wise
Produced by Wheelhouse Theater Company
Schedule: Tuesday – Friday at 8pm; Saturday at 2pm & 8pm; Sunday at 3pm
(No performances on 3/23 at 2pm; 3/26 & 4/19 at 8pm. Added performances on 3/24 at 7pm; 3/25 at 8pm; 4/17 at 2pm. The performance on 3/27 is at7pm.)
Tickets: $20-$79

Wheelhouse, the group behind 2018’s hit revival of Kurt Vonnegut’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WANDA JUNE, returns this spring with the New York Premiere of Aaron Posner’s hilarious new play, LIFE SUCKS. In this brash reworking of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, a group of old friends, ex-lovers, estranged in-laws, and lifelong enemies gather to grapple with life’s thorniest questions—and each other. What could possibly go wrong? Incurably lustful and lonely, hapless and hopeful, these seven souls collide and stumble their way towards a new understanding that LIFE SUCKS. Or does it?

April 24 - May 11
Schedule: Wednesday – Saturday at8pm
Tickets: $20
Purchase via EventBright

Downtown Urban Arts Festival is a six-week multi-disciplinary arts showcase that explores urban life through theater, film, music, and poetry happening at multiple venues around NYC.


Wednesday, April 24
THE DELAY by Ledia Xhoga
While commuting to work, Peter meets a stranger who seems to know everything about him. Can this mysterious encounter be exactly what he needs?

BLACK & UGLY AS EVER by Porsha Olayiwola
A one-personchoreopoem that explores what it means to move through reality as a queer, fat, dark-skinned woman.

Thursday, April 25
RIDIN' SHOTGUN by Juan Ramirez, Jr.
Two friends go through an emotional journey as they contemplate avenging the murder of one of their sisters.

Friday, April 26
GAMBLED EGGS by Victoria Moy
Two sisters "hatch" a plan and take a gamble of their own to save their family from ruin when their father’s gambling debtsbrings a henchman to their door.

Saturday, April 27
THE QUIET ZONE by Augusto Federico Amador
A middle-aged recluse, living in West Virginia, is confronted by the consequences of being an absent mother when her estranged daughter suddenly arrives. The Quiet Zone is a story about loss and rediscovered motherhood.

Wednesday, May 1
FLINTED by Emma McFarland
Flinted focuses on the issue of Flint, Michigan’s drinking water.

PAPER TOWELS by Nelson Diaz-Marcano
A man that lost everything in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is about to attack the people of the government that left them forgotten. The only thing standing between him and this heinous act? His cousin and an Echo Dot.

Thursday, May 2
BUZZKILL by Rollin Jewett
A foreign refugee with a frightful agenda confronts an American looking to have a good time in Amsterdam.

GROWL by J. Lois Diamond
A poet is heading to Paris to read her work when she is detained in the Tehran airport. Despite being 82 and almost blind, she is interrogated throughout the night. Will her principles prove to be stronger than her fears?

Friday, May 3
ESCALATOR by Janet Onyenucheya
The coming-of-age story of a Nigerian-American girl living in the Bronx whilst navigating through depression, poverty, self-rejection, and existential questioning.

Saturday, May 4
SOMETHING TRUE by David Beardsley
Two young lovers on the cusp of a momentous decision navigate the tricky waters of intimacy.

LOVE/FANTASY by Tommy Jamerson
A story of four harrowing accounts of sexual assault and survival told through the perspectives of Cory and Anna, two friends attempting to write a play touching on the current #MeToo movement.

Wednesday, May 8
IN THE NAME OF US by Ruoxin Xu
Four Chinese young women, who live in four different countries, suddenly realize the influence that their names give them while individually experiencing some important moments in their life.

Call-And-Response explores race relations in America, white male privilege, dog-whistle politics, swatting, and police brutality.

Thursday, May 9
Two streeted-down been-around men and a crawling mute find themselves locked away in a bleak and sinister institution they can't puzzle out. Soon enough it dawns on them that the game's been fixed at jump street. In other words, they might be doomed to a life sentence and-- wouldn't you know it?-- there ain't a parole board in sight…

RAGHEAD by Tom Coash
A New York City firefighter and a woman wearing an Islamic veil go on a blind date. Will sparks fly?

Friday, May 10
STORY AND HER by Josh Drimmer
A middle-aged seducer has a story to tell, a story about the only woman who ever interested him as much as himself. A story that is gonna hurt to tell, especially since she's not around.

Saturday, May 11
VEILS by Steven A. Butler, Jr.
An exploration of the lives of women who have been affected by the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter movements.

All performances are at The Wild Project (195 E. 3rd Street, between Avenues A & B).
Tickets can be purchased online at www.thewildproject.org.

The Box Office opens one hour prior to curtain.

The Wild Project is a theater, film, music, and visual arts venue that presents diverse, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining works to the vibrant and growing community of Alphabet City in New York’s East Village, while bringing together the artists and the environment in a unique way. Founded in 2007, The Wild Project is an innovator among arts venues, providing an eco-friendly theater and gallery where the artists and space nurture each other. The company is dedicated to creating an environment that supports the artists, and to cultivating artists that support the environment. With an eco-conscious approach to presenting the dynamic works of hundreds of emerging artists each year, The Wild Project offers an artistic and environmental education for patrons of all ages, interests, and incomes in its community.

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