re: Hows the Ferryman Replacement cast doing?
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Like Kjisgroovy, I didn't see the original cast, so I can't offer any insight into how they compare, but--as a whole--I thought the cast was terrific and the play was sensational, not only living up to the hype, but exceeding it.

Unlike Kjisgroovy, I was mostly impressed with the dialects--especially their internal consistency--and thought Holley Fain was a major standout as Caitlin: I felt her intensity was only matched by her sincerity, and that's a rare combination of qualities to master. Brian d'Arcy James, Emily Bergl, and Fred Applegate are all giving the best performances of theirs that I've seen. James captures how simultaneously conflicted and grounded his character is; Bergl manages to find quiet reserves of strength while still communicating her character's vulnerability. I was less fond of Shuler Hensley who, though sympathetic, did not do much to extend his character beyond the Lennie Small archetype, and Ann McDonough, who conveys her character's political fervor genuinely but needs to find more wicked glee to land the laughs and match how the other characters describe her.

Fionnula Flanagan, the last remaining principal from the original cast, is terrific, but I might have to go back to see Blair Brown's take on the role in April.

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