re: it's not presented as Rudin's opinion, but as fact
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No because you'd be referencing a consensus of people depended upon to have knowledgable opinions about that subject. But it's even more not an opinion if you swap "general" for "critical"... but also, that's one year. Other years it's Citizen Kane, etc. So it's more accurate to say "one of the best" or "usually considered to be the best, or in the top 3 best" or whatever.

But it's not even like Harold Hill is Mamma Rose, which would probably be the winner if there were ONE role for a woman in musical theater that is actually agreed to be greatest ever written, by critics, audiences, producers and actresses - as seen by the show's history or production in several mediums, preproduction on stage, recordings, and award committees. That cannot at all be said to be true of Harold Hill, so this is clearly hyperbole meant to drum up excitement and reverence for the project he is producing currently - i get it, but it makes it sound silly. I think to present it in the press release as straight up fact that this role is "widely agree to be THE greatest ever written in the HISTORY of musical theater" is ridiculous... I don't know who he is referring to as those who "agree"... The Music Man has been revived ONCE on Broadway without much fan fare or awards for its Harold Hill, it was made into a TV movie where the same can be said for the movie and Broderick in the role. Gypsy, for example, has garnered incredible excitement, interest, applause and acclaim (and for some, legend) for every woman who has played her in every major revival or film production. I think the same can be said for a role like Teyve, Sweeney Todd, Don Quixote, George, the Emcee, etc. but it just hasn't been true of Harold Hill outside of Preston. Gypsy's been produced on broadway 5 times and on film/tv movie twice (with talk still of another movie) -- this seems to be more in line with a great and popular show containing the greatest role written for a (fill in the gender) role ever written. Music Man has had 1 broadway revival that ran only a year and a half, this doesn't seem like a show the world is clamoring to see many great musical actors take on, like they do for Gypsy. It just doesn't seem like the case can really be made that Harold Hill is THE greatest role ever written (etc), or that it's even "widely agreed" that he is, by critics let alone by audiences.

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