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Jose Solís takes a look at Surely Goodness and Mercy:

"Thanks for listening. It's half the battle for somebody like me," says Tino (Jay Mazyck), the world's weariest twelve-year-old, after asking strangers on the internet for help with a fundraising project. The line is a perfect example of playwright Chisa Hutchinson's economy, the way in which she deftly conveys intense emotions through straightforward dialogue, but also perfectly sums up the mission of her play Surely Goodness & Mercy, which opened at Theatre Row on March 13. Tino is the kind of character usually relegated to a featured or supporting role, the kind of person that only exists in fiction to help white people appease their guilt and pat themselves on the back when they become his savior. In Hutchinson's play though he is the star, and he will quietly sparkle until his light shines upon those who need it the most. . . .

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