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And one of the last things he did was a dreadful-beyond-belief Dick Van Dyke movie called Some Kind of a Nut, written and directed by Garson Kanin. But the one good thing in the movie is King, playing a manic crazed tycoon of some sort. I can't remember too much of the specifics of the role, but I remember thinking he was actually funny in his three or four minutes of screen time in an otherwise astoundingly bad movie.

He did a fair amount of television, including playing General Burgoyne in a 1955 Devil's Disciple with Maurice Evans as Dick Dudgeon. They had appeared together in those roles in a successful 1950 Broadway revival. And he's the Mikado in that 1960 Mikado with Groucho, Helen Traubel, Robert Rounseville, etc. And he played Pieter Stuyvesant in a Pulitzer Prize Playhouse production of Knickerbocker Holiday, which exists on audio at least. Unfortunately, that series was only an hour, but King did get to do "September Song." There's other television stuff including Sir Toby Belch in a Hallmark Twelfth Night, which had a cast that sounds great on paper but it did not get good reviews from the TV critics, with only Rosemary Harris getting general praise.

But he was really a stage guy. It’s sort of amazing in some ways that his last role was the drag queen of Vienna in John Osborne’s A Patriot for Me, a retelling of the Colonel Redl scandal. If you’ve never seen Dennis King in drag, you can at the link. He got the best reviews and a Tony nomination. You can also see him in his military garb in the play on the NYPL digital collection site.

Btw, you may want to look out for the first film version of Sutton Vane’s play Outward Bound, which was remade as Between Two Worlds. I like the remake but the original is perhaps better overall, and it's certainly more faithful to the play, which had to be bowdlierized a bit by the time of the remake, while the earlier film was pre-Code.
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