Sorry you don't like the "story"....
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Not sure what's so sinister or surprising about it. Mockingbird is moving to a smaller theater (the Belasco, where North Country is), while North Country, which had closed off the balcony section in recent weeks, is similarly moving to a smaller theater TBD. (I imagine this is so the Britney Spears jukebox musical or some other splashy show can take the Shubert.)

As far as why they haven't 'put a better story out there', I'm guessing that's because.. they don't know which theater yet?? How many shows every season announce they're coming in without a concrete house (this year alone, that group includes the Audra McDonald "Ohio State Murders" and "A Strange Loop", and the return of "American Utopia" had tickets on sale for a year and a half without announcing which theater they were moving into. ("King Lear" with Glenda Jackson did something similar a few years back, if I recall.) And perhaps you haven't heard, but things in the entertainment industry, and for that matter the world in general, are a bit... fluid right now. Even more than usual.

My guess is that North Country will "return" to whichever theater it eventually winds up "in".

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