A questionable story, hastily told
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What's surprising about is that there is generally a process of decorum by which shows who are vacating a theater have the chance to put their narrative out there - which is, of course, the purpose of PR - before the shows who are taking over that theater announce that they are moving in. But ryhog gave us actually useful intel as to why this was bungled in the way that it was. What's clear is that they had a very tiny window to try and put together a face-saving explanation.

As for the story they're asking us to support, I have some credibility gaps. They were only selling through April 24, 2022 to begin with, and there are only a few Broadway houses that are significantly smaller than the Belasco, so if their trouble selling the show predated Omicron, it doesn't seem to be worth the economic impact of loading into a new theater (really, their only option for a smaller theater in the spring would be the Golden... which maybe will happen). Of the examples you cite, "Strange Loop" has announced a theater, and the shows that were selling tickets without a theater in place, or who sold tickets and then moved, were still selling tickets, whereas "North Country" is refunding all of the tickets.

You're right, we are in a weird place. We returned to the old producing model hastily, and shows are scrambling under the weight of this variant to find a way forward. Looking at ticket sales for most shows this month is downright depressing: so many big plays and musicals have advance sales of a few hundred tickets each night. That's why this idea of moving into a new theater strikes me as the same thing as a show "closing to tour".

I didn't say it was sinister, just noticeable in its sloppiness.

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