Not since Al Jolson sang as an audience member to Ruby Keeler on stage...
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apparently spontaneously to help her singing "Liza" many years ago, the wonderful soprano Lisette Oropesa got unsolicited help from an audience member. Ms. Oropesa was singing "Sempre Libera" from "La Traviata" which during the aria, during an opera performance has the tenor Alfredo singing off-stage lines, but in concert these musical lines are played by the orchestra. A student tenor in the audience apparently must have thought the regular tenor was indisposed, because he started singing Alfredo's lines! Ms. Oropesa was surprised at first (shocked), then delighted, starting to bend her knees to see who was her duet partner. She greeted her tenor backstage afterwards; he appeared to later think he did something wrong. She handled things with real grace and class -- I can only imagine some other soprano's reaction! Good thing Kathleen Battle wasn't performing!

But the conservatory where the guy trains or whoever brought up that guy apparently never taught him responsible audience behavior. Btw, opera house audiences usually have quite a few singers who have studied roles in operas they are seeing performed by others and who would, in theory, love to jump in, but you know, it's really not the thing to do. Again, kudos to Lisette Oropesa, who I had already really liked before this and who has gotten some well-deserved favorable publicity from this.
Link spontaneous "Traviata" duet

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