A 'Broadway Revival' with no place for plays
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It's fun to see actors gush about theater and welcome its return, but this should've been called ''Reopening: The Revival of Broadway Musicals.''

It showcased ''Aladdin,'' ''Diana,'' ''Jagged Little Pill,'' ''Tina,'' ''Wicked,'' and about 10 more other song-and-dance celebrations.

But there was practically no footage of ANY plays. No ''To Kill a Mockingbird.'' No ''The Lehman Trilogy.''

No mention of the historic crop of black plays that joined Broadway's reopening: ''Chicken & Biscuits,'' ''Thoughts of a Colored Man,'' etc.

The only split-second moment that acknowledged plays was a shot of ''The Inheritance'' taking down its marquee. Anything else?

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