re: A Strange Loop's terrible sound design
Posted by: showtunesoprano 12:08 pm EDT 05/13/22
In reply to: A Strange Loop's terrible sound design - Circlevet 11:57 am EDT 05/13/22

I sat in about the same spot and had the same issue. But I have had the same problem watching them perform at the NPR Tiny Desk concert and last night on Seth Meyers. I think it's not the sound design, but the writing itself. Whether by design or poor balance in the writing, this is how parts of the piece sounds. An unintelligible mash of noise. Perhaps that's what Jackson wants? But I think it's time to stop blaming the sound technicians.

I had a similar issue when I saw Beetlejuice. I missed about a third of the lyrics because they were written in a high vocal range. That's just bad composition and no amount of playing with mic levels can fix it.

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