re: A Strange Loop's terrible sound design
Posted by: Chazwaza 01:17 pm EDT 05/15/22
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I generally agree with what you've said.

Two things:
-I don't think it's necessarily fair to throw "unrevised" in with un-messy and traditional, as if disliking or being opposed to or not automatically on-board with revising a show after its written and after the authors are gone is in the same consistently preferring your theater to be un-messy and/or traditional. I don't think they fall under the same category, nor do I think they are mutually inclusive.

-I don't think it's accurate to say the Pulitzer committee just picks "what play they liked best"... it's not quite as random and subjective as that is it? They are meant to be picking the best play for the Pulitzer citation, meaning the one they thought was the best or most meaningful as it relates to the Pulitzer's mission for drama recognition, something about reflecting the condition or experience of living in America, in the year they're selecting it. I truly doubt anyone let alone everyone on the committee though Rent was the *best* playwriting done in America in 1996... I think the mix of relevance, originality, freshness, topicality and musical's specific representation of / reflection on the experience of living in America at the time and it doing all that in a musical combined for it to be selected... I also think it was a pretty weak year (the two finalists selected were A Fair Country by Jon Robin Baitz and Old Wicked Songs by Jon Marans -- no disrespect to these fine plays but they aren't exactly heavy hitters in terms of legacy, being produced or taught, etc - it's not like Rent went up against Angels in America or How I Learned to Drive or a Wilson or an Albee, etc), hell the following year they didn't even give the award.

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